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Lamb Uluva Kootu74
Diced Lamb cooked with sauteed Fenugreek leaves, cooked with our own masala, finished of with corriander and curry leaves
+ Add (£8.95)
Lamb Malabar 76
Cubes of Lamb marinated with Spices sauteed with onion, tomato,fresh coconut milk, CASHEWNUTS and finished of with Curry Leaves
+ Add (£8.95)
Lamb Roast 77
Lamb cooked in traditional masala of onion, tomato, curry leaves, ginger and added with powders of roasted red chillies and finished with Capsicum
+ Add (£8.95)
Lamb Cheera Curry 75
Lamb cooked with Spinach along with a thick paste of Tomato, Cinamon,Garlic, onion, mustard and aromatic spices which gives this dish an a great taste
+ Add (£8.95)
Lamb Tomato Kurukku 79
Lamb cooked in Tomato paste along with roasted onion paste, cashew nuts , kerala spices and topped with Shallotts
+ Add (£8.50)
Lamb Cochin 80
Lamb cooked with Pepper, onion chilli, coriander, tomato, yoghurt and fnished with Curry leaves
+ Add (£8.50)
Lamb stew78
Fresh coconut milk based stew cooked with a lot of Ginger and green masalaand flavoured with Cardamom and turmeric
+ Add (£8.95)
+ Add (£8.95)
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