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Kerala Fish Curry 54
Exotic combination of King Fish and green mango cooked in sauteed fenugreek onion and cocum sauce curry leaves and finished with Coconut Milk
+ Add (£8.95)
Fish Molly 55
King Fish marinated in turmeric sauce cooked in thick coconut milk with curry leaves, onion ginger and added with fresh lemon juice and cubed tomato, usualy eaten with Appam or rice
+ Add (£8.95)
Cocum Fried Chilli Fish(DRY) 56
Diced and fried king prawn marinated with chilly and coriander powder and sauteed with onion tomato, pepper and (MUSTARD)
+ Add (£9.50)
Meen Pappas 57
Marinated king fish cooked with chilly, coriander, and turmeric powder, added to a paste of ginger garlic and green chilly finished with coconut milk and curry leaves and topped with cocum sauce
+ Add (£8.95)
Cochin Prawn Curry 58
delicious and mildy spiced king prawn cooked with coconut, turmeric powder and green chilly tmpered with spices
+ Add (£9.95)
Chemmen Asadh 59
(PRAWN AND MUSTARD) creamy coconut based curry of king prawns raw mangoes green chillies and ginger
+ Add (£9.95)
Konchu Masala 60
(prawn,garlic) King prawns cooked in a thick flavoured masala of onion, tomato, ginger and curry leaves
+ Add (£9.95)
Chemmeen Cheera Kootu 61
finely chopped spinach combined with whole king prawns, cooked in thick paste of garlic, ginger turmeric and chilly powder
+ Add (£9.95)
Chemmeen Methi 62
king prawn cooked in a sauce of garlic, ginger green chillies coriander and curry leaves flavoured with fenugreek seeds
+ Add (£9.95)
King Prawn Chilly(dry) 63
King Prawn marinated in green spices yoghurt and fried with indian shallouts
+ Add (£9.95)
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