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Kerala Sea Food Soup 4
(molluscus,Crustaceans) Nourishment from Sea a unique combination of Crab meat, Fish,Squid,Mussel Prawns cooked in white rice essence and cumnin finished with freshly squeezed coconut milk(EGG,MILK,CELERY,NUTS,GLUTEN)/
+ Add (£5.95)
Rasam 5
(MUSTARD AND GARLIC) The essence of Kerala, peppery lentil soup prepared with Garlic and tomatos spices and tamarind
+ Add (£3.75)
Parippu 6
(MILK, BUTTER,GARLIC) Three different lentils(toor dhal,masoor dhal,moong dhal) are cooked with tomato garlic, lime juice and spices with an excellent taste of corriander leaves.
+ Add (£3.95)
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